Past Winners



Open: Conceptual

Winner: New Zealand’s Rural Enigma by Isaac Sweetapple

“New Zealand’s Rural Enigma is a challenging project that draws on extensive research on masculinity in Aotearoa New Zealand as recorded in various forms of media and cultural production. Perceptive and accurate in the pinpointing of cultural flaws, the project revels in a jokey-blokey position, and knowingly ironic, it bravely holds this position across five provocative architectural propositions; for a billboard/gateway, an abattoir, a chapel to rugby (the national religion), a men’s bathhouse/clubrooms and a bolt-hole for American tech capitalist Peter Thiel. Taking risks with representation, this is a kind of anti-architecture – we do not really want to see this kind of architecture, but we do really want to see architecture, as a discipline, leveraged for just this kind of critical engagement with the world”.

Runner-Up: The Lost Carpark by Yan Li

Highly Commended: Scholastic Dynamism by Abdallah Alayan
Highly Commended: Victims of the Korean War by Tamin Song
Highly Commended: No Happy Ending This Time by Jessica O’Reilly and Max Irving-Lamb

Open: Work in Progress

Winner: Kapiti Watchtower by the Wellington team of Sam Kebbell, Cam Wilson, Riley Adams-Winch, Callum Leslie, Andrew Charleson and Martin Bryant

“The Kapiti Watchtower or Museum of Itself/MOI,  is a departure point for visitors to Kapiti Island.  The project cleverly deploys public behaviour no. 1 - selfie photography - to do more than decorate Facebook pages. Along elevated boardwalks this performative architecture encourages tourists to gratify their selfie urges and simultaneously participate in a citizen-science project.  Peripheral data  captured in the images records incremental environmental change, vegetation growth and shifting dunes for example.  A  signal-striped paint job invigorates the architecture, and functions as a height gauge to measure this change. This design is ingeniously conceived and sensitively scaled, a coastal architecture that is smart and delightful”.


Runner-Up: Tall Hut by Craig Moller and Areez Katki


Student: Undergraduate

Winner: Rata’s Lesson of Whakaaetanga by Finn Forstner

“Two strong themes came out in undergraduate projects; social / community housing and indigenising the city. The winning project is an exquisitely drawn joyous transformation of a stolid, intractable modernist tower in Albert St currently inhabited by the Auckland Council. An architectural epiphyte, this mobile, dynamic tensile, lightweight, temporary architecture, animates the existing structure through an outsider carnival, fairground temporal quality that draws on creatures who inhabit the rata”.


Runner-Up: Beauty of Change by Jingyuan Huang, Angela Lai, Dennis Byun, Todd Min, Shuren Ma, John Woo, Harry Tse and Chris Choi

Highly Commended: Vakas of the Great Fleet by Dorien Viliamu
Highly Commended: Journey into the Dark Horizon by Tamin Song
Highly Commended: Revealing Horotiu by Sam Moloney

Student: Postgraduate

+ Supreme Award

Winner: Three by Jeremy Priest

“Three proposes an architecture that uniquely addresses the housing crisis in suburban Auckland by designing a network of 30m2 infill dwellings. It seeks to abandon backyard fences by occupying the unused space at the boundary line. This is a quiet project – but through further investigation it proposes a radical suburban proposition that celebrates architecture. Each infill house is finely detailed and spatially complex, taking into consideration the utilities as these are collectively threaded underneath and above the garden pavilions. A truly compelling project that reacts to the wider context of our society whilst creating a bespoke individualised architecture that could be realised”.


Runner-Up: Mapping the Feke by Icao Tiseli
Runner-Up: Newton Central Kindergarten by Henry Fraser

Highly Commended: Machine of Agonistic Engagement by Jin Woo Kuk
Highly Commended: Endangered Architecture: The Resuscitation of the Last Li Village by Jintao Yang





Winner: Moving Grounds: Irrupting Three Kings’ Inverted Volcanoes, by Zee Shake Lee

“This project offered a highly abstract, experiential architectural and almost sculptural poetry to a highly complex and topical site in Auckland. Located in the quarry created by the mining of Three Kings – and currently scheduled to be refilled with medium density housing – the project employs five architectural propositions to explore the spatial potential of an extraordinary site and its geology. Each proposition, or architectural intervention, interrogates the notion of inhabitation in an eccentric and manufactured landscape and asks questions of our relationship with the urban landscape.”

Runner-Up: Te Whare Tapu o Ngapuhi: ‘An Architectural Response to Taonga Revitalisation’ , by Rameka Alexander- Tu’inukuafe

Highly Commended: The Golden Theatre, by Jonathan A Gibb
Highly Commended: Aftermath of the Spectacle, by Linbing (Fatina) CHEN

Work in Progress


Highly Commended: Lauder III, by Stuart Taylor
Highly Commended: Sea Whare, by Hana Scott, Gaelle Mirande Broucas, Nick Sayes, Shelly Lin


Winner: Post Civic, by Robert Pak

“This project is both visionary, believable and achievable. This project re-creates and re-connects the Waitemata to the historic train station and in doing so celebrates and reinforces our civic heart. The bold cultural gesture in part reunites the forgotten Waipapa stream with the sea. In this way whether it be the stream or the sea, the reconnection acts as a living vein, that pumps, resuscitates new life and energy, to revitalise and reinvigorate a significant part of Auckland’s early heritage, in a new and exciting way. Interventions like this, provide a wealth of variety and possibilities, where canoes, people and architecture buzz in a celebrational dance that weave a richly woven tapestry of everyday life.“

Runner-Up: Whakapapa o Tamaki Makaurau, by Hana Greer

Highly Commended: Striated Territories, Uncovering Latent Cultural Practices, by Guy Newton
Highly Commended: Printed City, by Liam Stumbles
Highly Commended: Memory of the Southern Sky, by Daniel Yang
Highly Commended: Manichean Geometries, by Eleanor Glenton





Winner: Occupying Maori Architectural Time, by Rehua Wilson

Highly Commended: Architectural Espionage and the Superpanopticon, by Lucy Warnock
Highly Commended: A New Agora: an architectural response to the emerging sub-centre, by Grace Mills

Work in Progress

Winner: Mobile Transit Lounge, by Matthew Glubb, Laura Cooke, Mark Craven, Hayden Grindell, Raphaela Rose, Patrick Loo, Jun Tsujimoto from Jasmax

Highly Commended: The Cloud Tree, by Sajeev Ruthra, Andrew Mitchell from Patterson Associates


Winner: Architecture of Co-existence: Regenerating Royal Oak through Urban Acupuncture, by Raimana Jones

Highly Commended: The Flipping Sequence of a Very Tall Structure, by Zaed Aznam
Highly Commended: Auckland’s Archipelago: Piecing together Myers Park, by Kim Huynh
Highly Commended: Aquatecture: Aqueous Public Space in the Community, by Jeremy Wymer
Highly Commended: A monastic approach to rebuilding Christchurch’s Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, by Erica Kenny





Winner: Graeme Burgess, Michael Strange, Vance Bentley & Sibyl Bloomfield, Burgess & Treep for A design for the East River between 38th and 60th street

Runner up: Jonathan Gibb for The Green Cage

Commended: Mike Hartley & Ben Lloyd for My Dragon
Commended: Sean Flanagan for Playhouse
Commended: Fraser Moore, Mark Craven & Kenneth Li for Olympic Games Information Pavilion

Work in Progress

Winner: Gerald Melling, Melling Morse Architects for St Mary’s Convent, Lyttelton

Runner up: RTA Studio for Mixed use café/retail/office – Ponsonby

Commended: Barry Copeland, Copeland Associates Architects for Auckland Harbour Bridge walkway


Winner: Yumian (Dino) Chai for 100 Rooms of Solitude

Runner up: Clayton Prest for Tipu Spiritual Retreat

Highly commended: Claudia Weber for Implementing Permaculture into a refugee camp

Commended: Erxin Shang for A “Pulpitumic” School
Commended: Raukura Turei for Looking up Skirts
Commended: Anthea Du for Carbon Negative Architecture
Commended: Melanie Pau for Repopulating Christchurch Central City
Commended: John Kim for Weak Architecture
Commended: Benita Simati Kumar for Fale Va: How a Samoan ritual activates the construction of Space
Commended: Jessica Mentis for Unfolding the Helen Clark Prime Ministerial Library





Winner: Terèse Fitzgerald for A Boutique Pataka

Runner-up: Jonathan A. Gibb for The Box Chapel

Highly Commended: Jonathan A. Gibb No. 8 Wire
Highly Commended: Liam James McRoberts for The New Villa
Highly Commended: Olivia Manusauloa for Agricultural Waterway

Work in Progress

Winner: RTA Studio for Mackelvie St office and carpark

Runner-up: Nick Roberts for Arapai House


Winner: Holly Yumeng Xie for Vanishing Acts

Runner-up: Anthea Du for Resisting Equilibrium through Bio-chemical Synthesis

Highly Commended: Sean Wijanto for Rethinking the Vertical City
Highly Commended: Amber Ruckes for Waikohu: a story of Whenua in contemporary NZ Architecture
Highly Commended: Zee Shake Lee for Invisible architecture + my own sky





Winner: Nick Roberts, Henry Stephens & Jansen Aui for Awaroa Lighthouse

Runner-up: Graeme Burgess, Lilli Knight & Michael Strange, Burgess & Treep Architects for Installation Space

Highly Commended: The Block Foundation for BLOCK

Work in Progress

Winner: Patch Work Architecture for Dogbox

Runner-up: Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects, Titirangi Red House

Highly Commended: RTA Studio for Red House
Highly Commended: Eqo Leung, Opus Architecture, University of Waikato – Law & Management School


Winner: Sacha Milojevic for MMAT

Runner-up: Gordon Yung for Proximity + Architecture

Highly Commended: Frances Cooper for The construction of Wynyard Island and its Urban Littoral
Highly Commended: Oli Booth for End of the Road
Highly Commended: Marianne Calvelo for Panoptical Ground
Highly Commended: Melanie Pau for Food for Thought: Architecture as educator




Winner: Mike Hartley and Nick Sayes from Daniel Marshall Architects for ‘The Path to Dwell On’

Commended: Simon Twose for ‘My Bro’s House’


Winner: Yumian (Dino) Chai for ‘MOTAT II’ – Sir Keith Park Aviation Museum

Highly commended: Huirui Wang and Ruoyu Wang for ‘Red Line’
Highly Commended: Yosop Ryoo for ‘Being in Painful Circumstances’

Commended: Matt Deeb for ‘Live and Work Infill’




Winner: Yosop Ryoo for “The No Man’s Land” (Symonds St graveyard)

Runner-up: Mohamed Kheir

Merit: Hye Ran Lee
Merit: James Moore


Joint Winner: Patterson Associates: Lighting up the Auckland Harbour Bridge
Joint Winner: Cupcake pavilion prototype

Merit: Jasmax and Dry Dairy for ‘Rubix Muse’
Merit: Jason Dobbs




Winner: Clinton Weaver

Runner Up: Finn Scott

Merit: Nick Sayes
Merit: Sarosh Mulla


Winner: Andrew Sexton

Runner up: Mark Ritchie

Merit: Sean Monro and Jun Tsujimoto
Merit: Paul Clarke
Merit: Andrew Patterson




Patrick Loo
Jonathan Wong


Cheshire Architects and Holmes Consulting (combined)




Frazer Baggaley
Karamia Muller
Michael Nettelship
Khang Phoung
Fanny Wu


Sam Kebbell




Joanna Aitken
Hui-Yen Lim
Thom Gilbert
Isabelle Sun
Aimee Wiles


Julie Wilson
Megan Rule




Anja de Spa
James Raimon


Glamuzina Architecture (Ernie Lau, Dominic Lau & Dominic Glamuzina)
Carl Douglas
Katrina Simon
Jacky Bowring




Rochelle Pincham
Luke Douglas
Julia Suh
Claire O’Shaughnessy
Jessi Lee


Megan Rule & Julie Wilson




Phoebe Fu
Mathew Brown
Julie Wilson
John Strand & Matthew Dayman


Shannon Joe
Sue Hillery & Jack McKinney




Philip Kwong
Richard Wang & Stephen Wang
Yi-Ying Elizabeth Tsai
Ken Yeung
Mark Green


Elvon Young & Graeme Cunningham
Eqo Leung of Opus Architecture




Katie Newall
Aaron Paterson
Melanie Tonkin & Maggie Carroll


Jacky Bowring
Andre Hodgskin Architects
Giles Reid




Melanie Tonkin
Andrew Mitchell
Hamish Kilford Brown & David Simiona
Elvon Young


Jane Priest
Giles Reid




Johnathan Coote
Hamish Monk
Johnathan Coote
Andrew Lamb & Timothy Fairweather


Richard Priest Architects
Jonathan Gibb
Glenn Watt & Jo Craddock




Richard Archbold
Gary Lawson
Vaughn McQuarrie


Pete Bossley
Timothy Hay & Jeffrey Fearon
Giles Reid




Timothy Hay
Judy Cockeram
Jeffrey Fearon


Pip Cheshire
Architecture Workshop
Michelle Bond
Jacqueline Khiu & Dean Mackenzie




Andrea Tuohey
Romily Blackburn
Martin King
Stephen Middleton


Andrews Scott Cotton Architects (John Sofo & Richard McGowan)
Andrew Barrie (of Ministry Architecture)
Constable Dodd Hurst Architects
Thom Gill & Tadeusz Rajwer of Jock Clark Architects




Peter Wood & Rachel Carley
Stephen Sargent
Mark Panckhurst
Stephen Middleton
Dean MacKenzie
Andrew Barrie





Rachel Carley & Mark Campbell
Patrick Stokes
Richard Tam
Kit Handley


Jane Priest
Giles Reid




Daniel Marshall
Helene Furjan & Jeremy Lemon
Tadek Rajwer


Russell Cannons & Martin Evans
Mary Jowett
Studio of Pacific Architecture & Studio 33



Michael Pepper
John Irving
Stephen Auld
John Hawkhead
Guy Marriage & Andy Anderson
Darren Hoad & Steve Catterall