Save Our Library Rally


Monday 30th April

A recent review of libraries at the University of Auckland has resulted in a proposal to close five of the existing specialised libraries and consolidate their collections into the General University Library. This would result in the loss of the Architecture and Planning, and the Fine Arts libraries, both valuable assets to Auckland’s architecture and design communities.

The student association AUSA will be leading a rally on this coming MONDAY 30TH APRIL, at 12pm outside the University of Auckland General Library (3 Alfred St) for those concerned by the proposal to show their support of the libraries – further details listed at:


Any and all are encouraged to attend, to highlight the importance and value of these facilities to staff, students, and alumni.

Response from the student body has been largely critical with concerns over the proposed losses, the lack of detail given regarding proposed alternatives, and over a perceived lack of consultation during the review.

As outlined in the review itself, in support of alternative solutions, 

“The recommendations (2) as proposed and endorsed does [sic] not serve the interests of the current and future staff and students of the School of Architecture and Planning.” (p.5)


The full review document can be accessed below, courtesy of the Save the Fine Arts Library group:

Alistair Munro