Festival of Architecture: AAA Public Good Design Competition


If you missed the briefing session; don’t worry you can still enter.


Here you will find a contour plan of the site, an aerial photo and a couple of pdfs with the full briefing and further background information.


There are no format rules for your submission but at the very least we need a media-friendly plan and an image that will communicate your vision to the public.


We are looking for a new urban design vision that reimagines this area, reclaimed from traffic, better accommodating pedestrians, cycles, mixed use development and medium to high density housing. You are encouraged to find a new and more people-friendly use for some of the more sculptural parts of the flyover.


Don’t worry too much about boundaries, zoning and current Council rules: we are after a vision that will capture the imagination of the public and politicians and could be brought to life by an urban development agency.


Deadline for hand-in is 10-12 noon, Saturday 28 September with an exhibition event later that day where you will get the chance to talk about your work. Keep an eye on this site for more news.


Any queries: Bill McKay b.mckay@auckland.ac.nz 021 224 9673


Dominion Road Flyover

Intersection of Dominion Road and New North Road, Kingsland