Whats Happening Downtown

There is growing concern from the AAA, similar organisations and the public regarding Auckland Downtown redevelopment plans which appear to considerably impact on the public spaces in and around the city block bounded by Lower Queen Street, Lower Albert Street, Quay Street and Custom Street West. This involves agreement by Auckland Council to sell Queen Elizabeth Square to Precinct Properties for $27.2 million and includes Plan Change 79 and a “Road Stop” notice on the square.

What does Auckland get in return for loss of Queen Elizabeth Square?

Plan Change 79 aims to change the planning controls and provisions over Queen Elizabeth Square – essentially to stop it being public space and enabling it for private development. The “Road Stop” notice on Queen Elizabeth Square which then allows it be sold privately.

Submissions have been made on both the Plan Change and Road Stop Notice by the AAA as well as Urban Auckland, the Auckland Branch of New Zealand Institute of Architects, the Auckland Urban Design Forum, and Walking Streets Aotearoa.  All oppose.

NZ Herald, Concern over sale of Queen Elizabeth Square

Joel Cayford’s presentation to the Auckland Development Committee.  Video.

Alistair Munro