Rewi Thompson – Lead Judge, Visionary Architecture Awards 2015

Rewi Thompson is the 2015 Lead Judge for the 2015 Visionary Architecture Awards and Future Auckland Award.
Rewi will be supported by judges Dean Mackenzie, Lynda Simmons and Chris Darby.

Entries for the Visionary Architecture Awards are due on Friday 2nd November 2015.
Winner will be announced at the awards evening on Tuesday 17th November 2015 at the Auckland Art Gallery.

Full details and entry form.
Visionary Architecture Awards 2015
Future Auckland Award 2015: Visionary Waterfronts

Rewi Thompson

Rewi Thompson seeks through design to inspire and reflect the unique qualities and authenticity of the culture and natural environment of Aotearoa / New Zealand.

Rewi’s mission is to serve the community with a focus on the cultural, sea and landscape. Through his heritage he brings a sensitivity and a holistic approach to architecture – particularly relating to cultural, community and environmental design. This has lead his practice to become well recognised as creative designers and in gaining many design awards and international acknowledgments over the past 40years. In New Zealand, Rewi believes the success of our built environment relies on cultural discourse and sharing, and as such has developed strong connections with many design organizations either as a co- designer, critic, advisor or mentor. This includes an active association with Indigenous designers from other countries that share cultural knowledge including: Merrima, aboriginal architects in Australia, and Patrick Steward, Nisga’s Native Nation in Canada. Rewi is also a Urban Design Panelist for Auckland Council.

To keep abreast with the demands and pressures that our communities and environment now face, Rewi is actively involved with tribal affairs to assist with economic, cultural development and support educational development of our people. In addition, he also tutors and supervises Master Degree students at the UoA School of Architecture. This provides an avenue to pass on his knowledge and research through design programs: community, cultural, social and environmental concerns, to develop future possibilities that are innovative, visionary and responsible.

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