Introducing This Years Judges – 2013 Unbuilt Architecture Awards

Entries for the AAA Unbuilt Architecture Awards 2013 are due on Wednesday the 20th of November.

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2013 Judges

Pip Cheshire


Pip Cheshire’s architectural career, which spans three and half decades and which promises yet further development, has been propelled by a confluence of admirable personal and professional qualities: courage; adventurousness; curiosity; enthusiasm; and persistence. Pip’s intellectual honesty and integrity have directed him away from paths of least resistance, and self-belief and a necessary stubbornness have enabled him to follow a course of his own making. At key points in his career he has rejected safe choices in favour of riskier but potentially more fulfilling options. There was nothing capricious about such decisions: one of the abiding and fascinating characteristics of Pip’s career is his determination to reconcile his ambition with his desire to pursue meaningful work consistent with his personal principles.


Pip, recipient of the 2013 NZIA Gold Medal, is our lead judge this year.  Pip shall be presenting a lecture ahead of the awards evening on the topic of Auckland’s Unbuilt Architecture.

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Dominic Glamuzina


Dominic Glamuzina is a founder and director of Glamuzina Paterson Architects.  GPA have been recently hailed as “emerging talent” to watch following multiple awards at the 2013 New Zealand Architecture Awards.

Dominic is a Professional Teaching Fellow at the University of Auckland. Academic teaching and research is used to develop strategies that illuminate the threads between projects and generate an informal and dynamic design language. It is this connection between academic experimentation and the pragmatics of practice that enable an exploration of programmatic and conceptual operations which engage in New Zealand’s diverse landscapes and urban environments.

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Lindley Naismith


For Lindley being an architect means a commitment to involvement and excellence in the profession at every level. From starting as a sole-practitioner in 1987, to today being a director in a successful practice with three directors her philosophy has not changed. The divisions between her work and private life are porous, and architecture and architects are the focus of a large part of her discretionary time. In 2002 Lindley joined with Jane Aimer (and later Mike Dowsett) to form Scarlet Architects – possibly the only architectural practice in the country where female directors are not only in the plural, but also in the majority.

Achievements collectively and individually include two NZIA Resene New Zealand Awards for Architecture and six NZIA Resene Local Awards; convener and juror for the NZIA Regional and Local Awards, juror and finalist for Home NZ magazine’s Home of the Year, NZIA National Councillor, and for the last 2 years, Adjunct Professor teaching Design Studio at Unitec. Lindley was also one of the team members behind the successful Architecture+Women events for Auckland Architecture week in September.

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Alistair Munro