Winner: Moving Grounds: Irrupting Three Kings’ Inverted Volcanoes, by Zee Shake Lee

“This project offered a highly abstract, experiential architectural and almost sculptural poetry to a highly complex and topical site in Auckland. Located in the quarry created by the mining of Three Kings – and currently scheduled to be refilled with medium density housing – the project employs five architectural propositions to explore the spatial potential of an extraordinary site and its geology. Each proposition, or architectural intervention, interrogates the notion of inhabitation in an eccentric and manufactured landscape and asks questions of our relationship with the urban landscape.”

Runner-Up: Te Whare Tapu o Ngapuhi: ‘An Architectural Response to Taonga Revitalisation’ , by Rameka Alexander- Tu’inukuafe

Highly Commended: The Golden Theatre, by Jonathan A Gibb
Highly Commended: Aftermath of the Spectacle, by Linbing (Fatina) CHEN

Work in Progress


Highly Commended: Lauder III, by Stuart Taylor
Highly Commended: Sea Whare, by Hana Scott, Gaelle Mirande Broucas, Nick Sayes, Shelly Lin


Winner: Post Civic, by Robert Pak

“This project is both visionary, believable and achievable. This project re-creates and re-connects the Waitemata to the historic train station and in doing so celebrates and reinforces our civic heart. The bold cultural gesture in part reunites the forgotten Waipapa stream with the sea. In this way whether it be the stream or the sea, the reconnection acts as a living vein, that pumps, resuscitates new life and energy, to revitalise and reinvigorate a significant part of Auckland’s early heritage, in a new and exciting way. Interventions like this, provide a wealth of variety and possibilities, where canoes, people and architecture buzz in a celebrational dance that weave a richly woven tapestry of everyday life.“

Runner-Up: Whakapapa o Tamaki Makaurau, by Hana Greer

Highly Commended: Striated Territories, Uncovering Latent Cultural Practices, by Guy Newton
Highly Commended: Printed City, by Liam Stumbles
Highly Commended: Memory of the Southern Sky, by Daniel Yang
Highly Commended: Manichean Geometries, by Eleanor Glenton