Winner: Occupying Maori Architectural Time, by Rehua Wilson

Highly Commended: Architectural Espionage and the Superpanopticon, by Lucy Warnock
Highly Commended: A New Agora: an architectural response to the emerging sub-centre, by Grace Mills

Work in Progress

Winner: Mobile Transit Lounge, by Matthew Glubb, Laura Cooke, Mark Craven, Hayden Grindell, Raphaela Rose, Patrick Loo, Jun Tsujimoto from Jasmax

Highly Commended: The Cloud Tree, by Sajeev Ruthra, Andrew Mitchell from Patterson Associates


Winner: Architecture of Co-existence: Regenerating Royal Oak through Urban Acupuncture, by Raimana Jones

Highly Commended: The Flipping Sequence of a Very Tall Structure, by Zaed Aznam
Highly Commended: Auckland’s Archipelago: Piecing together Myers Park, by Kim Huynh
Highly Commended: Aquatecture: Aqueous Public Space in the Community, by Jeremy Wymer
Highly Commended: A monastic approach to rebuilding Christchurch’s Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, by Erica Kenny